Rules & Limits

Rule #1

The minimum age at All Arms Airsoft is 12 years old – Let’s hear your battle cry!

Rule #2

Under 16? You must be accompanied by an adult and wear full face protection.

Rule #3

If you are under 18 you must wear full face protection during all live games.

Rule #4

Due to the terrain of the site, you must wear boots with ankle supports on all games.

We also recommend that you bring a pair of gloves. It is advisable to wear old clothing that covers as much skin up as possible, but essentially there is no dress code. Eye protection must be worn at ALL TIMES in the game zone. No dry firing or testing of weapons in the safe zone.

Weapons & Grenades

All Arms Airsoft operates a Joules limit for all rif types. . We retain the right to refuse the use of any rif that is not in line with our limits. We retain the right to chrono any players weapons at random during the day.

Sniper Rifles and DMR’s have a MED (Minimum Engagement Distance). Under this range you must switch to your secondary. You must note engage at or below this distance with your primary.

The site has no official limit on ROF (Rate of Fire). However, if the marhsalls feel a weapon has an unsuitably high ROF then a limit on it’s use may be imposed.

  Joule Limit Rounded Down
Weapon Type MED Joule Limit
Assault / Pistols      10 m* 1.25
Full auto allowed
DMR 15m 1.88
Must be mechanically locked with an optical sight
Sniper                         30 m 2.3
Bolt Action Only
* Under 10m assault weapon users are asked to switch to single shot or switch to a secondary

Pyrotechnics Information

– Grenades \ bangs are limited to MK5 only
– BFG’s are limited to 9mm blanks only
– Grenades have a 5 meter kill radius unless you are behind hard cover.